Abstract Submission / 講演要旨登録

Submission Deadline | 講演要旨投稿締切日


Abstracts for all oral and poster presentations must be received by October 5 (Tue.) 2021. 〔JST〕

要旨投稿締切日: 2021年10月5日(火)

Abstract format  /  講演要旨フォーマット

Abstracts must be in concise English. Please ensure that the abstract is checked for linguistic accuracy prior to submission. The abstract should be typewritten in single spaced Times New Roman 12 font. Abstracts must be submitted as a PDF document. Other formats will not be accepted.

Please name your completed PDF document in the following manner.

Submission receipt No._month date of submission. (e.g. 4123456_0910.pdf)

講演要旨の使用言語は半角英語、フォントはTimes New Roman、フォントサイズは12ポイントです。内容に誤字、脱字等がないかをご確認の上、提出フォームにお進みください。講演要旨はPDFファイルにてご提出ください。その他のフォーマットは受け付けられません。

演題投稿番号_提出月日: 例) 4123456_0910.pdf

Abstracts should use the following format:


1) Title: The title should be clear and concise and should describe the content of the presentation. The format is aligned centralized with Arial 18 point boldface.


2) Authors: Authors should be listed in the order in which they will appear on the manuscript/poster. Please provide the given name followed by the family name. The affiliations are given as department and institution names with city, zip code and country. Superscripts should be provided to identify multiple author affiliations. Underline the presenting author's name. The corresponding author should be identified by an asterisk (*).


3) Corresponding author: Please provide the email of the corresponding author and remove any hyperlinks associated with the address.


4) 【Oral Presentation】
Volume: Abstract is limited to 2 pages for oral presentation.
File size should be 3 megabytes maximum.


【Poster Presentation】
Volume: Abstract is limited to 1 page for poster presentation.
File size should be 2 megabytes maximum.


5) 【Oral Presentation】
Format: Please fit the abstract to 2 pages of ISO A4 sized (210 mm × 296 mm) paper with margin (Top 25 mm, Bottom 20 mm, Left 20 mm, Right 20 mm) .


【Poster Presentation】
Format: Please fit the abstract to 1 page of ISO A4 sized (210 mm × 296 mm) paper with margin (Top 25 mm, Bottom 20 mm, Left 20 mm, Right 20 mm) .


6) 【Graphical Abstract】
For 【Poster Presentation】, please prepare a graphical abstract, which is a concise graphical summary for highlighting your presentation.
Only jpg, png, and tif formats are acceptable. We recommend to use pptx format (16:9) below and export as a jpg/png/tif image with 1280 × 720 pixels. The file size must not exceed 1MB.
Please name your graphical abstract file in the following manner, submission receipt No._Primary Author Name_month date of submission.
e.g.) 4123456_Kazuhiko-Nakatani_0910.jpg (or png/tif)

ポスター発表では、プレゼンテーションの内容を簡潔に表す一枚絵、Graphical Abstractの作成をお願い致します。
以下よりダウンロードできるpptxフォーマットを使用し、jpg/png/tifファイル(1280 × 720 pixels)に変換(export)することで作成ください。
例) 4123456_Kazuhiko-Nakatani_0910.jpg (or png/tif)

Steps of “Abstract Submission” | 要旨登録の手順


 Abstract Submission 

【For poster presentation】
Please upload your Graphical Abstract file on website which we will send you by e-mail after your abstract submission is completed.

Graphical Abstractは、講演要旨登録完了後の返信メールにて別途お送りいたしますアドレス上に、アップロードをお願いします。

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